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The most efficient architecture for analysing customer sentiment, reducing customer churn and reducing operating costs – is Agile!

Agile Solutions’ ability to resell technology from leading massive parallel processing (MPP), data integration and visualisation suppliers ensures that we are fully enabled to supply technology for all aspects of a telecommunication company’s high data volume architecture. This linked to our proven background in agile delivery (ACC) and our trusted product expertise (AIM) we can ensure that high volume data processing is both efficient and low risk.

Benefits include:

  • Customer Analytics – helping reduce customer churn in a highly competitive market.
  • Call Detail Integration – Informatica software and services for call detail records (CDR) integration helping telecommunications companies to expose the full business value of call detail records.
  • Call Detail Archiving – through deployment of the Informatica data archiving solution for call detail records (CDR) Agile Solutions offers telecommunications companies the ability to manage the costs of high volume CDR within exchanges. This solution offers our clients assurance to safely archive inactive CDR while retaining the ability to readily access the information when required. The result is a simple but effective direct return on investment.
  • IBM Netezza with Agile Solutions – Processing more data than any other industry in the world brings significant challenges for analytical applications within the telecommunications industry. But with seven of the top ten telecommunications companies already using Netezza appliances to deliver fast, cost-effective data analysis, gaining further advantages from your Netezza investment is an obvious next step.