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Unlock the potential in your data through Multi Channel Integration, Single View Of Everything, Customer Personalisation, Analytics and Insights.

Retailers have an abundance of data available to them, normally distributed across a multitude of legacy and digital platforms. Accessing, cleansing and consolidation of data is a key enabler to the subsequent unlocking of value through BI and analytics.

Agile Solutions have deep retail experience, broad technology expertise and a track record of delivering solutions for major UK retailers. Our AIM delivery framework ensures deliveries are fast, cost effective and of a very high quality. Our solutions have enabled our customers to:

1. Optimise their supply chain following consolidation of high volume, complex supply chain data.
2. Improve product availability through the development of a very low grain demand forecasting solution.
3. Increase price competitiveness through the development of a competitor price tracking and analytics solution.
4. Monetise existing data generated from B2B services, through the provision of business partner customer analytics.
5. Integrate data in legacy systems with a variety of on premise and cloud based software solutions, enabling very fast enablement of new business capabilities such as price optimisation and personalised marketing campaigns.

Agile Solutions offer consulting, technology and services focused on improving retail performance.

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