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Information and data comes from a variety of sources across many lines of business. It is essential that the information captured is accurate, consistent and reliable across different functions and disparate systems.

Many pharmaceutical companies have challenges keeping their customer and product-related data consistent and easy to measure. Challenges with data translates to lost productivity and poor return on technology investment.

Master Data Management (MDM) and Agile’s AIM methodology offers an easy to manage and accurate solution. This brings regulatory-ready and customer data to organisations at a time when companies are seeking more efficient and cost-effective ways to conduct business, as well as complying with a world of evolving governance.

The adoption of the Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) ISO standard by the European Medicines Agency requires pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to consider the usefulness of having great product data beyond compliance. Read more about IDMP and the Six ISO standards that form the IDMP Framework.

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