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Financial Services have been a corporate focus for Agile Solutions since our conception.

We have repeatedly invested in capabilities that enable us to bring deep industry knowledge, a unique delivery model and world-class technical expertise to the Financial Services Industry.

Banks are operating in a challenging business environment. The pressure to accommodate constantly evolving regulatory requirements, rising costs, economic uncertainty, high business and consumer service expectations and increased competition from non-traditional banks, has created a difficult business environment for banks of all sizes.  When coupled with complex data architecture, product centric legacy systems and unproven data quality, change can often be costly, with a high risk of failure for both projects and day to day operations.

Banking and capital markets require a flexible, high performance technology infrastructure that has been optimised for accessing, integrating, cleansing and managing information regardless of volume, type and physical location.

Without such technology, a continuous struggle with over-complex data management solutions goes on, and the risks to the business mount.

Agile Solutions provide a number of cost-effective services and technology offerings that can rapidly deliver Information Management solutions to help you transform financial risk, credit and enterprise data into trustworthy, actionable, traceable and authoritative information.

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