Agile Project Resourcing – more resourceful than most

You’ve established the AIM Architecture your business needs. And you’ve planned delivery of your project. Now you need the right people to make it happen.

Agile Information Management (AIM) Resourcing is not just about providing people for projects. It’s also about:

  • matching people to your required way of working
  • offering flexibility, with versatile, business-facing consultants who can adapt to your changing requirements
  • ensuring your project is delivered to your timescale and budget, to achieve your desired business outcomes.

The Agile approach

Agile Resource as a Service operates within our AIM Framework, to enable us to track progress and ensure delivery to plan. Within that framework, our resourcing solutions are tailored, agile and totally flexible.


We use world-leading database technology and our experienced talent management team, to match our consultants to your requirements.


Our consultants can work:


  • alongside your team
  • as an integrated part of your team, adopting your policies and procedures
  • independently, taking complete ownership of a project


  • taking away a project and returning with a fully-tested, deployable solution.


Some projects demand short-term intervention by a handful of people. And some need long-term deployment of several teams. Others fall in between. With our flexibility, agility and terms of engagement we can meet any and all of your requirements, including:

  • working on an individual assignment under your direction – this is referred to as Resource as a Service (RaaS)
  • working on a specific brief with a defined scope of delivery, responding to your management, and operating to defined SLAs and a fixed cost
  • working in partnership, deploying your specified number of people, to achieve your defined outcome, and reporting at intervals you set.

For larger engagements we assign a Customer Success Manager, to monitor our progress and ensure your desired outcomes are being realized.

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