Get your customer data where you want it

With customer data, less is more. Not less data, but less duplication and less inaccuracy.

The Single Customer View brings together all customer data from all sources in one place, to create a comprehensive ‘Golden Record’ of the customer. The data will be gathered from sources such as:

  • product and purchase histories
  • call centre touch points
  • customer service logs
  • online and social media interactions.

Know more, understand more, do more

Once your customer data is collated and deduplicated – eliminating repeated data from legacy systems, multiple applications and departmental silos – it will unlock greater knowledge of your customers and help you enhance retention and Lifetime Customer Value.

A Single Customer View gives you the Customer Intelligence insights you need to:

  • place the customer at the centre of all business activity
  • improve customer experience and customer satisfaction
  • enhance customer loyalty.

The Agile approach

Working with your team, we will build a single, credible database of your customers across all business functions and geographies, with effective process, governance and standards to:

  • improve cross-sell and up-sell capabilities
  • shorten time to market
  • reduce supply chain inefficiencies
  • strengthen your market penetration.

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