Data Warehousing – making the most of your data

The modern Data Warehouse is a core enabler for your data strategy, helping you to deploy data solutions with agility and achieve a rapid return on investment.

A Data Warehouse needs to be driven by the needs of your business. Its aims should be to identify the information requirements of the business, and then make that information easily accessible.

Once completed, your Data Warehouse will give you:

What’s in the Warehouse?

Data Warehousing is sometimes confused with Data Integration but there are several important differences. For example, in a Data Warehouse:

  • data comes from many disparate systems, both inside and outside your organization
  • data models are used to understand relationships and business rules within the data
  • historical data is maintained – often for several years
  • data may be stored both as detailed-level data and as summarized or aggregated data
  • the system is tuned for querying large data volumes, not for inserting single transaction data.

How a Data Warehouse works for your business

A Data Warehouse is an enterprise-level application, which requires executive-level support to succeed. A properly constructed and successful Data Warehouse will:

  • have enterprise-wide visibility and impact
  • support your business’s tactical and strategic decision-making
  • enable reporting at the highest levels.

The Agile approach

Traditionally, data warehousing engagements have been seen as highly expensive and slow to deliver value. The Agile approach overcomes this, by prioritizing rapid delivery of core reporting needs and growing the data warehouse over time.

The agile methodology begins with a discovery phase, during which Agile Solutions will help your team to:

Identify detailed reporting requirements

Design corresponding Business Intelligence Data Marts

Capture all properly granulated facts and dimensions required for reporting

Populate the Data Marts via integration processes

Couple the Data Marts to the visualization layer.

At the end of this phase, you will have a Data Mart of your key information – modeled, structured and populated in an underlying platform, available for the BI layer to consume. This will be coupled with a prioritized backlog of data and reporting requirements, and an understanding of the risks and blockers – such as poor data quality – that need to be addressed in future iterations.

Agile Solutions will then help you to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), with a framework for your Data Warehouse and a platform to build on in subsequent projects. This MVP will act as a platform for future growth of the warehouse and will also provide immediate business value.

This platform can then be scaled as required to meet the needs of your business.

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