Driving innovation through data

You can’t have a business without data. You can’t capitalize on data without a successful data strategy. And every data strategy needs business drivers and technology enablers, that maintain its continuing evolution.

A comprehensive data strategy and associated roadmap can help you align your data strategy to your business vision, by ensuring you understand:

  • why data-driven success is important
  • what data and information you need to drive business disruption
  • why driving data ‘monetization’ can help you identify new revenue opportunities (products, markets, or customer segments)
  • what to do with your data and information, and how to maintain it
  • when to synchronize data activity and milestones, and measure outcomes
  • how to re-evaluate your data effectiveness over time.

If you can resolve all those issues, then you can truly capitalize on data asset management.

Data is power

In a competitive marketplace, and what marketplace isn’t competitive? Your data is the key to gaining a business advantage. But you need:

  • a vision of your strategic business objectives, which will enable you to align your data strategy to your business needs
  • a clear strategy for how to take care of it
  • a clear focus on the right data, people and processes
  • effective tools and technologies to manage and analyze it.

The Agile approach

Whatever stage you have reached in developing your data strategy – even if you are simply architecting for the future – we can provide expertise and support to your team.

We will:

  • look at your current strategic vision, underlying data availability, strategy, design, architecture and data management maturity
  • review your business case and planned initiatives
  • review your delivery plan and use cases
  • and define your:
    • data vision aligned to business strategy
    • desired data architecture
    • desired operating model
    • capability roadmap for achieving data architecture and data management maturity to the desired level
    • data governance and data quality management resolution.

And we can help you deliver this under our AIM Framework approach.

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