Data Management – organize, analyze, monetize

The more data your business has, the more difficult it is to manage. But correctly handled, it can deliver real commercial value that would otherwise remain hidden.

Data creates difficulties when it is:


Smith or Smyth? Hertfordshire or Herts? Confusion and duplication lead to errors.


If, for example, production data is visible only to Production, and sales data only to Sales, identifying trends and adapting production accordingly is impossible.


Even the most unlikely data has a value. Such as, data from your HVAC system, can enable you to manage energy consumption more effectively to cut costs.

3 steps to effective Data Management

  1. Organize

From ensuring spellings are consistent, to establishing a logical, accessible, searchable storage format.

  1. Analyze

With effective analytical tools, you can mine your data to produce information valuable to your business.

  1. Monetize

Well-managed data becomes valuable information, which can make your business more profitable.

The Agile approach

Agile Solutions’ approach to Data Management is specialist, focused, expert, efficient and vendor-independent.

Working with your team, we:

  • assess your business challenges
  • help you identify the software tools that will overcome them most effectively
  • negotiate with vendors on your behalf
  • get the system set up and running for you.

And naturally, we use agile methodology. To keep you informed as the project progresses. To allow flexibility if your requirements change. And to complete your Data Management project faster, so you can start improving your business profitability sooner.

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