When 2 + 2 = 5

As more data is produced by more sources, and is held in more locations, it becomes harder than ever to realize its maximum strategic value. Effectively implemented data integration will ensure that the resulting picture is more than the sum of its parts.

Effective data integration requires a complete understanding of:

  • the source data
  • where it is currently held
  • where it needs to be held
  • the state it needs to be in.

Once these factors are understood, but before data can be integrated, extensive planning is required. This is to ensure the data to be integrated is correctly structured with the correct content, and that the integration flow is suitably designed to deliver the data safely to the appropriate data stores.

The Agile approach

Working with your team, Agile will help you to establish your core data integration requirements, and then match those requirements to the most effective, scalable, future-proof technology solutions.

The latest data integration technologies not only support data migration to an integrated storage location, but also enable:

With the technology in place, Agile can support you in producing data in a suitable state for transportation to the appropriate storage location.

We can also help you to address security, governance, compliance, management, and monitoring requirements, together with your industry and market-specific issues.

The result will be a data integration solution with a long, productive life – delivering maximum strategic value to your business.

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