Data Analytics – making data understandable

The way your data is shared and presented is crucial to the way it’s utilized. Data Analysis tools which make data understandable to everyone, at a glance, can reveal invaluable information to drive your business efficiency and profitability.

Effective visualization tools help turn data into highly graphical, easily understood, and quickly assimilate visual representations. Interactive Data Analytics tools can then make the data more effective in driving your business, through three stages:

Stage 1. Descriptive

Analyzing data in a specific area will reveal changes or activity. e.g. how sales figures have changed, production has increased or decreased, and how costs have escalated and so on.

Stage 2. Predictive

Based on the information discovered at Stage 1, you can make informed predictions for specific areas of your business operations.

Stage 3. Prescriptive

Your predictions will offer a number of possible outcomes. By looking at all likely models, you can prescribe the best course of action to achieve your long-term business objectives – whichever prediction materializes. However, you must continue to track and analyze your data, so you can identify which model you are in and which prescription to apply.

The Agile approach

Working with your team, Agile Solutions will help you to:

  • identify the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics tools you need
  • install and configure them
  • train in them
  • drive valuable data insights.

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