Hybrid Cloud – the best of both worlds

Some businesses still shun the cloud and its benefits. Others have moved their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. Many of them lie somewhere in between, with a hybrid solution that offers the best of both worlds – and if managed effectively provide all possible benefits.

If your business needs to address core business data issues, or needs to change in response to competition or legislation, a hybrid cloud environment:

  • makes IT more streamlined and simple
  • builds clear visibility into day-to-day operations
  • provides essential Business Agility.

The cloud also offers 5 key business benefits:

  1. Scalability

Near-limitless capacity and processing power, easily accessible in the required amounts when needed, and scaled down when not.

  1. Flexibility

New technologies can be trialed quickly and cheaply, from any location at any time.

  1. Centralized view

Integrating systems and data facilitates a single management view of all data and applications.

  1. Cost savings

Cloud not only eliminates upfront capital expenditure, but also reveals potential license fee savings from software integration.

  1. Simpler upgrades

Lengthy upgrade projects are no longer required.

The Agile approach

Working closely with your team, and utilizing our proprietary AIM (Agile Information Management) Framework we can quickly:

  • integrate any cloud or on-premises application or data integration source
  • address a broad set of integration scenarios and requirements, including:
    • API management
    • B2B integration
    • pure app and data integration
  • provide ongoing development, deployment and management services.

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