Brexit – readiness for the unknown

With the Brexit outcome undecided at the time of writing, it is essential for your business to have the agility to act on any of the many possible outcomes.

Two possibilities and their effects are:

Deal is reached:

  • UK retains permanent adequacy status
    • no change
  • UK is granted temporary adequacy status
    • incorporation of changes to move towards permanent adequacy status

No deal is reached:

  • UK is deemed a Third Country, either temporarily or permanently, which prevents EU countries sharing data with us unless certain criteria are met
    • assessment of current legal basis for data transfer, i.e. are your data transfers covered by Convention 108?
    • subsequent identification and implementation of a legal basis allowing data transfers to continue
    • managing of change required to comply with any future changes to regulations.

What is yet to become clear is the effect Brexit will have on business practices including:

  • changes in current regulation
  • compliance with multiple regulations in tandem
  • currency changes / restrictions
  • supply chains
  • payments.

However, one thing is certain: solid data management will enable business agility. This means:

  • knowing what data you have
  • knowing where it is
  • knowing why you have it
  • being sure of its quality.

Business agility is the DNA that will enable your organization to react with ease to a changing environment, whether those future changes are to regulation or business practices.

Your GDPR preparations may have given you a head start in this area, but their focus solely on personal data still leaves much of your data landscape unknown.

Building on our 6-step GDPR journey, we can provide you with the additional expertise, support and advice necessary for:

  • keeping your data flowing
  • keeping your business operating at its optimum
  • successfully navigating this period of uncertainly.

The Agile approach

Working closely with your team, we use our framework and expertise to provide:

  • Advisory

- Enhancing data privacy capability

- Data Risk Management and Mitigations

- Available data protection measures

- Data Governance Frameworks

- Improving your records management process

- Lineage discovery

- Supporting technology options

  • Resource as a Service

We can support you on your end-to-end journey, with a range of flexible options to support your business, including:

- mentoring

- temporary skills

- headcount top-up

- full managed delivery

- ongoing managed service

  • Technology

- Improving your records management process

- Enhancing your data privacy capability

- Introducing a data governance framework to reduce risks associated with future changes in privacy law

- Assisting with issues such as supply chain management.

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