Can you trust your data?

The more data your business accumulates, the harder it becomes to manage it. The harder your data is to manage, the more difficult it is to be sure of its quality. Or in other words: the less you can trust it and the less likely you are to be able to comply with regulation. The best way to ensure you keep optimum control of your data is the implementation of a Data Governance Framework driven from enterprise-level Data Strategy – ensuring maximum value to the enterprise.

You know your data is out of control by the following symptoms:

  • incompleteness
  • lack of conformity
  • inconsistency
  • inaccuracy
  • duplication
  • lack of integrity
  • lack of timeliness.

The Agile approach

We consider data quality as part of the AIM Information Management Framework. Firstly, we assess what level of maturity you need to reach your business goals. Secondly, we benchmark where you are. Thirdly, using our deep domain level expertise, we then analyze what issues are holding you back from achieving the required level of maturity, and identify the root causes in People, Process and Technology. We then help you to develop an innovative, solution-driven plan, to ensure the path to success and maximum business value.

And finally, we use data profiling, to create a quantitative baseline during the maturity assessment. From this we can identify data KPIs for improvement and monitoring.

Our typical root cause analysis addresses the following areas:


  • human error
  • lack of training


  • no data standards
  • poorly defined QA


  • lack of system controls
  • inconsistency across applications.

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