Making data drive business

All businesses need data, but that data has to meet their needs. Effective Data Governance will help to ensure that the data your business holds is efficiently and cost-effectively managed – to monetize it, leverage it, and make it a valued asset for your business.

The process begins with establishing a Data Strategy to:

  • identify your future business and technical requirements and aims
  • identify any risks which may prevent you achieving your aims.

With the business requirements and desired maturity levels known, we use our AIM Information Management Framework to benchmark your current level of maturity against where you want to be. Secondly, we draw up a roadmap to take your business there. And strict Data Governance – evolving as your business evolves – will help you to manage your data strategy regime along the way.

The Agile approach

We use a combination of Industry best practice as per DAMA and our AIM Information Management Framework. We work closely with your team, to assess your data management across all the recognized Data Governance domains as per the DAMA Wheel:

Our holistic approach addresses the three essential pillars of Data Governance:

  • People

We’ll outline roles and responsibilities of business and IT stakeholders, the supporting Data Stewardship model, and the way they will work together.

  • Process

We’ll analyze all relevant processes within your business, to identify where Data Governance can add value and to establish the desired maturity level.

  • Technology

We can advise on the best technology options to support effective Data Governance.

Finally, we can also scale our methodology to suit your Data Governance requirements for:

  • a single data governance issue (such as compliance)
  • a line of business, department or region
  • your entire organization.

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