How to deal with dormant data

41% of enterprise data has been lying dormant or has not been accessed for the past 3 years. 12% of enterprise data has not been accessed for more than 7 years*. This ‘hoarded’ data is a security risk and an unnecessary cost. Data Archiving is the solution.

Unlike back-up storage or data virtualization, Data Archiving enables businesses to:

  • keep dormant data securely stored
  • comply with GDPR
  • use less storage space
  • provide controlled access to historic data as and when required
  • provide rollback capabilities ensuring data lineage is intact
  • decommission legacy and duplicate applications.

When your dormant data is archived, it is:

  • compressed – to reduce the cost of storage
  • immutable – to ensure the sanctity of the data
  • accessible – through reports, search, or SQL queries, with no need for IT intervention
  • governed – by policies defining the data retention period.

The Agile approach

Together, Agile Solutions and Informatica Data Archive provide you with all the tools you need to identify, store and protect sensitive historical data.

Dormant data stores can be identified, then decommissioned by moving them to Informatica’s Data Vault. Once archived there, access to the data can be controlled and audited from one centralized location, to optimize security and guarantee compliance.

And to ensure the data still has a value, and isn’t simply another risk in a different location, users can:

  • query it from any JDBC/ODBC compliant reporting tool
  • apply retention and legal hold policies
  • purge it once the retention requirement expires.

*Genomics Index study, 2016

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