Course Overview

This course is applicable for software version 10.2.2. Gain the skills necessary to use Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) to discover and explore datasets. Using EDC, learn to perform semantic search, customize searches, analyze data lineage and impact, associate assets with existing business terms from the Business Glossary, and add custom attributes to assets.


Module 1: Overview of Enterprise Data Catalog 

  • Major Business Challenges
  • Scale of Challenges
  • EDC as a Solution
  • EDC metadata lifecycle
  • EDC architecture
  • EDC key features

Module 2: Exploring the Enterprise Data Catalog User Interface 

  • EDC user interface
  • Semantic search
  • Searching in EDC
  • Additional search options in EDC
  • Explore search results
  • Search filters
  • Certified assets
  • Rated assets
  • Sort search results
  • Edit properties of assets
  • View asset details
  • View data lineage
  • View relationships
  • Data profiling
  • Lab: Review resources
  • Lab: Perform a semantic search
  • Lab: Perform wildcard search
  • Lab: Explore the assets

Module 3: Analyzing Profiling Results 

  • Data profiling
  • Data similarity
  • Value frequency
  • Similar columns
  • Patterns and inferred data types
  • Lab: View and analyze profiling results

Module 4: Data Domains and Curation 

  • Data domain discovery
  • Data domain creation and association
  • Curation
  • Search for assets through data domains
  • Data domain inference
  • Propagation of curated data domains
  • Data domain groups
  • Composite data domains
  • Lab: Create and assign data domains
  • Lab: Curate data domains
  • Lab: Curate data domains in bulk

Module 5: Enhancing Asset Details (or Enhancing Search) 

  • Business terms
  • Business titles
  • Association of business terms
  • Business terms inference and curation
  • Bulk curation of business terms
  • Custom attributes
  • Types of custom attributes
  • Extended custom attributes
  • Exporting and importing custom attributes
  • Lab: Associate a business term
  • Lab: Associate a business title
  • Lab: Curate business titles
  • Lab: Tag assets containing email addresses
  • Lab: Add multiple business terms
  • Lab: Export/import custom attributes to add asset descriptions

Module 6: Analyzing Lineage and Impact 

  • Lineage and impact
  • Connected business terms
  • Transformation details
  • Asset lineage and impact summary view
  • Exporting lineage and impact summary
  • Lab: Explore data lineage and impact view
  • Lab: View transformation details

Module 7: Discovering Related Assets 

  • Asset relationship overview
  • Relationship view
  • Relationship diagram of related assets
  • Customizing the view
  • Type of relationships
  • Difference between lineage and impact view, and relationship view
  • Lab: View the relationship between assets
  • Lab: View related assets for business terms, data domains

Module 8: Tracking Asset Changes 

  • Follow an asset
  • Get notifications
  • View summary of changes
  • Lab: Track changes made to a resource
  • Lab: Follow assets
  • Lab: Unfollow assets

Module 9: Collaborating on Assets 

  • Review and rate assets
  • Certify and decertify assets
  • Questions and answers
  • Lab: Review and rate assets
  • Lab: Certify an asset
  • Lab: Search based on certified assets and rating
  • Lab: Collaborate through queries

Module 10: Personalizing Search and Views 

  • Filter panel
  • Sort options
  • Search result views
  • Asset overview
  • Search results
  • Search ranks
  • Lab: Customizing the filter panel
  • Lab: Customizing the search view