Nov 30, 2017

Millennials are set to make up 50% of the global workforce by 2020 and are the lifeblood of any organisation. So how do you stop it bleeding to death?

Start by thinking differently. Or more accurately, like them. Because it’s only when you understand their needs that you can best provide a work environment where they can grow, feel valued, and most importantly (for you) stay.

Millennials have experienced a period of immense change with an increasing reliance on technology with which they have become very adept. Which means they have a tendency to move jobs more frequently as they seek new challenges. So it’s up to you to provide a more challenging environment and engage with them.

Part of that engagement process is having an open discussion about their aspirations and how they ‘fit’ with the organisation. From that you will be better placed to support them. Part of the support could be a tailored training package. Nothing says “we care about you” more than training. Not even money.

Training boosts their skill levels and their self-esteem with the added bonus of building their loyalty too. A study found that companies that don’t train their employees are more than three times as likely to lose them. And yes, good training doesn't come cheap, but look at the high cost of recruitment both in time and money. So look on the bright side, you will be benefitting from increased productivity and greater staff morale.

As a like-mended company we are well placed to understand the needs of your millennial employees and can offer a range of training choices to suit. Together with our partners we provide market-leading training for a range of technologies across multiple vendors, including; Informatica, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Citrex and Amazon.

Agile Solutions training programmes are designed with flexibility in mind, so you can choose where and when the training takes place, whether in groups or individuals and over what timescale. Plus, we offer follow up visits to maximise the benefits of the training received.

Why not make them an offer they can’t refuse, before someone else does?