Jan 11, 2018

Your training investment can pay dividends.

Stop thinking about training as a drain on your finances and start recognising that a positive learning culture can be great for business. We’re talking employee retention, productivity, transformation, growth and profit. All that from training? If you get it right, yes.

Please don't go. Lower staff turnover improves business turnover. Engaging with your employees helps to build loyalty to the organisation. It’s better to train your current workforce than to recruit and train new employees and it works out less expensive too.

Happy days. Increased skill levels strengthen employee morale which in turn can result in greater productivity. When employees like what they do and are actively engaged in their jobs, they are more likely to produce more. A research study by Hay Group suggested that engaged workers were 43% more productive.

Right first time. A skilled worker makes fewer mistakes. It’s simple. Mistakes can be costly, both in time spent putting them right and money through lost revenue.

Bright sparks. A skilled worker can also see opportunities. Employees that are engaged can bring fresh ideas to the table, using their newly acquired expertise to explore innovative processes that can transform the way the organisation operates.

Growing with confidence. An organisation that empowers its employees through increased involvement, knowledge and skills is more likely to prosper and grow. It becomes attractive to both customers and prospective employees, boosting revenue and growing reputation.

The bottom line. In order to make your investment in technology worthwhile you need to make an investment in your people. That means spending the time getting to know what motivates them, where they see their future and how the organisation fits in with that. Only then can a training and development plan be hatched which meets the needs of both of you. That might mean you require the help of an experienced training partner who can support you throughout this process.

Somebody like Agile Solutions. Agile Solutions training programmes have been proven to satisfy the needs of employers and employees alike. Catering for individuals or group classes, they can be delivered on-site or off and are designed to maximise the return on your investment in technology and people.