Jan 16, 2018

Back to the classroom for profound learning

There has been much talk and debate about the benefits of e-Learning in the workplace. Like it or loathe it, it’s here to stay. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are still many good reasons why classroom-based learning has an important role to play in employee training.

Classroom training avoids the all too regular interruptions, the quick phone query, or that urgent email popping up that demands attention. There are few, if any, distractions when training is taken out of the office. The employee is better able to focus on the instructor and the learning experience is so much more intense and effective.

Another benefit of classroom training is being able to practice what they’ve learnt there and then in front of the instructor and gain instant feedback. This also allows the instructor to modify and adapt the content to better reflect the ability and requirements of the class in question – something not possible with e-Learning.

There’s nothing like training in a group for increasing the intake of knowledge. Informal discussion, the sharing of ideas and general interaction makes for a more rounded learning experience. A problem shared… and all that.

Taking individual employees from different business units within an organisation and putting them together in a a classroom situation, can break down the silos that invariably exist in all but the best run companies. The sharing of contrasting perspectives can lead to a greater understanding and as a result, foster a spirit of unexpected cooperation.

Of course, classroom-based training isn’t the answer for every organisation and its employees and a blended learning programme – combining elements of in-house, classroom and e-Learning training – might well be the right solution.

Agile Solutions training programmes provide a high degree of flexibility, and our expertise means we are well placed to advise on the right mix of delivery methods. Together with our training partners, we specialise in providing market-leading training for a range of technologies across multiple vendors, including; Informatica, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix and Amazon.

See you in class.