Dec 06, 2017

Nurture your workforce with the right training strategy

Young plants mature and flourish in the right conditions. It’s the same with employees.

It’s important to establish early on what exactly they need to grow, and thrive. Only then can you expect your investment in training to bear fruit.

A recent report* suggests that many organisations are falling well short of their L&D expectations. It found that 94% of organisations wanted to improve employee strategy through better learning and development, but only 16% managed to do so. Equally, a similar number wanted to improve organisational performance but only a quarter succeeded.

Clearly there is something amiss from what organisations want from their learning and development programmes and what is actually being achieved. You can understand therefore why they feel short-changed from their investment.

Initially it is important to set out what the organisation wants from a learning programme and what it expects to achieve at the end of it. It’s an investment in time and money, neither of which can be recklessly wasted.

Next comes the careful selection of individuals whose aspirations match those of the organisation, gained through meaningful discussion and early engagement in the process. Identifying particular needs can shape not only the subject matter but also the way the training is delivered.

Continued engagement throughout the learning period encourages feedback and allows adjustments to be made to the course where possible. This naturally varies depending on the flexibility your training partner.

Talking of which, Agile Solutions training programmes couldn't be more flexible. Tailored to the needs of the individual they can be delivered on-site or off and are designed to maximise the return on your investment in technology and people. We specialise in providing market-leading training for a range of technologies across multiple vendors, including; Informatica, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix and Amazon.

We pass on our expertise to enable your workforce to grow in confidence, become more motivated and perform with the same agility that has become our watchword.

* Towards Maturity 2016-17 Learning Benchmark Report