Single View of the Customer

Solving business problems

Having a single, credible view of your data is critical for the success of the modern enterprise.

When customer data has duplicates or is incomplete or inaccurate, businesses find difficulties in proper revenue recognition, customer loyalty is lost, marketing campaigns lack effectiveness and new risks are introduced. Fragmented, inconsistent data affects cross-sell/up-sell ability, delays time to market, creates supply chain inefficiencies and weakens market penetration.

A Master Data Management (MDM) approach provides a single point of reference to business essential data through the application of process, governance, standards and policy across all business functions and geography.

Agile Solutions has 15 years experience helping companies such as RBS, Maersk and Sainsbury’s resolve significant data management issues.  View our case studies here.


Your Enterprise Data is Critical – Make sure you’re getting the most from it!

 Business Data have a single view