Open Source

There’s no such thing as a free lunch

Open Source

The best thing about an Open Source software solution for your data project is it’s free. The worst thing about an Open Source solution for your data project is it’s free. And that’s what could really cost you.

Open Source is a tempting source for software solutions. Where else can you get hold of cutting-edge software that’s continually developed and improved, with new features and functionalities that you can have a real influence on? Where else can you choose the version you want without being forced to upgrade? Most importantly – let’s face it – where else can you get all that without paying a penny?

The problem is, if it’s really free there’s a price to pay.

Getting what you pay for

Everybody likes to get something for nothing. But sometimes you need something for something. Like support for your Open Source software.
Choose software that’s absolutely free and it’s also absolutely free of support. Which is fine until you need some technical help and find there simply isn’t any. Which means either your project (or worse still: your business) grinds to a halt, or you have to pay over the odds for emergency support from another source, or you have to start again with new software.

On the other hand, you can choose to pay for your Open Source software. Then you can expect support when you need it, from someone who understands the software and understands how to help you to keep it functioning, up to date and secure.

But do they give you flexibility about which software you choose in the first place? Are they open about other options than Open Source? And even if they understand software and support, do they understand your business?

Open Source, Open Source Solutions

Inappropriate behaviour

Open Source isn’t always the appropriate solution. So if a supplier recommends it regardless – simply because they don’t have another option – it’s inappropriate behaviour and an inefficient solution.

That’s one reason why you need to partner with a supplier with more than one software string to their bow. If Open Source is the right solution for your particular application, then fine. But if it’s not, they can be open about it and can also recommend and supply a more suitable alternative.

The first thing your supplier should be thinking about is what technology you need and whether it’s best-of-breed. Only then do they need to think about whether it’s Open Source or not.

My supplier doesn’t understand me

Having nothing in common causes many relationships to break down. So if you’re interested in achieving business targets and your supplier’s only interested in technology and data, how is it ever going to last?

What you need is a partner who knows about tech., knows about data, knows about business – and knows how to get them all working together to make you happy ever after.

Agile Solutions is that supplier.

We understand and work with Open Source solutions and proprietary software. So we can pick and choose the best for the job, the best for you, and the best-of-breed.