User’s first, trainers second


Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. So the saying goes. But Agile Solutions’ training programmes change everything. Our certified instructors are users first, trainers second.

Whether your business needs training for one individual or for staff across the whole organisation, Agile Solutions has the flexibility – and agility – to provide it.

Practitioners make perfect

Our trainers use the software they teach, day in, day out. They’re often involved in development work around the software. And as practising Agile Solutions consultants, they use it in business, not just in the training room.

So, their skills are as current as the latest version of the software – which is always the one they’ll train you in.

Going by the book?

Training manuals are no substitute for practical, real-world experience. So, you’ll never find our trainers just sleepwalking through their course notes.
Instead, they’ll provide expert tuition based on their own hands-on use of the software with Agile Solutions clients.

That means as well as teaching the required skills, they’ll pass on their tips, techniques and know-how that can only come from using the software in real time in real businesses – and not from reading the manual.

That’s why clients come back to us again and again when new employees need training, or when their training needs updating. It’s also why Agile Solutions has been the only authorised Informatica training partner in the UK since 2004.

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Training your way

As you’d expect, Agile Solutions’ training is highly flexible. You choose how, where and when you want your software and data management professionals to be trained, and we provide the training to suit you.


Classroom based, instructor-led courses are scheduled throughout the year in London, and are also held in Edinburgh when there is sufficient demand.


Held at your location or an Agile Solutions location of your choice. You choose the training date, and we tailor the training specifically to suit the needs of your business. Highly cost-effective for 5 or more people.


A high trainer-to-trainee ratio workshop, based at your site. Training is customised to suit your business needs, and your own live business data and installed software is used for exercises. Ideal for 2-3 employees.

Our relationships with our partners are something we take very seriously. Which is why they take us seriously – trusting us implicitly to provide the official curriculum courses and certifications that IT professionals need to succeed.

We provide courses in all the leading technologies, through two training program options:
  • Level 1

    Book your IBM, Microsoft, Cisco or other technology training via the Avnet website, using our unique partner code. You can then choose the training you need, delivered the way you want it, to suit the technology you use and the employees you need to train.

  • Level 2

    To help you deploy your solutions faster, and give you the skills and knowledge you need to leverage the full benefits of your data management project, this training provides training in IBM technology tailored specifically to your project and its requirements.

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