Data Science


Your data is full of valuable information. So the more data you have…well, all you have is more data. Unless you also have the data visualisation tools,
knowledge and experience to derive insights from it rather than drown in it.

Business decisions can no longer be made just on “gut-feel” or instinct. They’re no longer enough to help you compete against the likes of Amazon and Tesco.

They’ve built their business models on “number-crunching”, and look where it’s got them.

Wouldn’t you like to be there too?

The Data Science elixir

If you’re drowning in a sea of data, Data Science helps you bottle it.

Using data preparation, statistical modelling and machine learning, helps you to organise your data so that it’s accessible, timely and trustworthy. Then it helps you to use it to identify opportunities, risks and threats and respond effectively to them.

But with Data Science technology evolving rapidly, you need to know what tech to choose. Then you need to know which bits of your data to use. And how to use them to drive business advantage.

Agile Solutions can help you, because:
  • data is what we do
  • Data Science and the effective usage of such technologies is how we do it
  • we do it for top tier clients; plus our own business too.
We’re data driven

Would you trust a chef who won’t eat his own food? A car mechanic who doesn’t service his own car? A business specialising in data which doesn’t use its own data to drive the business?

We wouldn’t.

We believe and trust in data. So we use it to describe our business to ourselves, to predict the possible futures of our business, and to prescribe the actions we have to take to achieve the business outcomes we want.

That’s also how we’ll apply Data Science in your business, to deliver the business outcomes you want.

Data Science

Data Scientists are human too

At least the ones who work for Agile Solutions are.

We’ve got no time for the socially awkward geek who knows nothing but data.

Our Data Science specialists are great at data.
But they’re also:
  • highly skilled in the technology they apply
  • knowledgeable in all business sectors
  • knowledgeable about all kinds of public and external data, and how to use it to enrich yours – for greater clarity and more accurate predictions
  • able to use data to drive a business forward
  • business-facing consultants who can present and communicate what they’re doing, and why.
Our specialists are yours

They’re our specialists, but for the duration of your initiatives, they’re your specialists. And they’re not sitting somewhere offshore; they’ll be sitting somewhere in your office, or in close proximity in one of our Agile Competency Centres. Which is another thing that makes Agile Solutions’ specialists really special.