Getting a grip on the cloud


Everyone’s talking about it. Some are deploying it. Others are avoiding it. Where do you stand on the cloud?

The cloud is no fluffy passing trend. It’s a solid, scalable, cost-effective means of acquiring the infrastructure your business needs. With no infrastructure investment, ongoing maintenance costs or expensive upgrades required.

It’s also one of the foundations of our Agile Information Management (AIM) architecture. And therefore, of your business’s success.

Software as a Service

The beauty of the cloud is what it isn’t.

It isn’t hardware on your premises. It isn’t capital tied up in a depreciating asset. It isn’t inflexible. Restrictive. Constrictive.
It’s an infinitely flexible, adaptable, scalable service.

It can be Software as a Service (SaaS). Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – providing data storage for your biggest data sets. Or Platform as a Service (PaaS) – bundling together SaaS and IaaS to give you a platform to build on. And it’s also Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) – bringing together all your different data to make it more accessible, more usable, and more valuable.

Agile Solutions will help you choose your platform. We’ll integrate it with your SaaS and on-premise applications. We’ll advise on the architecture you need.

In fact, we’ll do everything that’s required to make the cloud kick aaS.

Cloud, Data Storage

Making the cloud fly

Different businesses have different cloud policies.

Some (like Agile Solutions) have migrated all their software systems to the cloud. Others have turned their back on the cloud and utilise entirely
on-premise solutions. Both options are equally unusual.

Most businesses – yours included? – adopt a “cloud first” policy and have hybrid implementations. This means asking, for every new infrastructure project:

  • can it be operated in the cloud?
  • will the cloud provide the necessary level of security?
  • how do we go about implementing it in the cloud.

Agile Solutions has all the answers to help you get your systems in the cloud. And to put your business on cloud nine.