Resource as a Service RaaS

Industry Expertise

What if you could fill your Information Management project skills gaps, on demand, as and when you need to?

Agile’s new Resource as a Service solution, Agile RaaS, gives companies the ability to become more agile and responsive to changing skills requirements by providing market-ready Information Management professionals to join a project when there is a resourcing deficit or demand has increased due to accelerated project timelines.

Download our RaaS overview guide for insight in how Agile RaaS can help your business. Find out how you can get Agile Value, the Advantages of RaaS and see previous successes our clients have had using RaaS. Agile Resource as a Service

RaaS can provide the required IM skills, including:

  • Technical Delivery Specialists
  • Delivery-Focused Project Leads
  • DevOps Administrators and Engineers
  • Systems Architects
  • Business Analysts

Our technical resources work across main Information Management and Big Data technologies such as Informatica, Hortonworks, Cloudera, SAS, Microstrategy and IBM Netezza.

We  are experts in deploying quality professionals within large projects and  have faced our own challenges with contract staff and off shore resources when demand has exceeded our own staffing levels.

Agile RaaS was set up, using our own experience to ensure that our clients have the confidence that we will always meet their resource requirements.

We ensure that projects are delivered:Agile Resource as a Service

  • Quickly (via domain knowledge retention and rapid ramp-up)
  • Effectively and Efficiently
  • With Full Governance, transparency and embedded quality
  • Consistently – we develop long term relationships and ensure that we retain project and domain knowledge in ‘down’ periods, such that if we are asked to roll back onto a project, we engage with little or no delay due to the supporting systems we use to store and communicate project information
  • Flexibly – our UK structure allows us to work easily on site and our Agile Competency Centres in Milton Keynes and Glasgow mean that our clients have the confidence that any off-site work is run with the same standard of project governance, oversight and reporting that they would use themselves