AIM Resourcing

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AIM Resourcing

So you’ve established the AIM Architecture your business needs. You’ve planned the delivery of your project. Now how do you go about achieving it all? You rely on Agile Solutions’ AIM Resourcing to provide you with the best people to suit your needs

AIM (Agile Information Management) Resourcing is not just about providing people for projects. It’s also about matching people to your required way of working. About offering the flexibility for our versatile, business-facing consultants to adapt to changing requirements. And about ensuring your project is delivered to your timescale and budget, to achieve the business outcomes you’re looking for.

We use a world leading graph database technology to underpin our talent management function. With the proliferation of tools in the market we wanted a solution that allows us to easily monitor this this, as well as our consultant’s skills and experience. This database allows our resourcing team to make the most informed decisions possible when it comes to matching our consultants to customer engagements.

More resourceful resourcing

Data projects change because that’s what projects do. Defining where they start and where and when they end is a project in itself.
So why saddle yourself with a resourcing provider who can’t – or won’t – change as quickly and easily?

Agile Solutions resourcing solutions are as agile as everything else we do.

We give you a choice of ways to run your project. We give you the resources you need at any one time. And we never burden you with bodies you don’t need, or leave you struggling to get enough resources to get everything done.

Our team is your team

We engage with you how you want. It’s your choice. See us as a natural extension to your team. Augment your team to give you the workforce your business demands.


Let our team gather the necessary information from key stakeholders on site, take it away to one of our Agile Competency Centres and come back with a fully tested, deployable solution.


Keep them close to your own personnel and your stakeholders.


Integrate them into your way of working and have them adopt your policies and procedures.


Lock them away in a silo (maybe not literally) and give them a project to own. Or use a combination of practices: business analysts and testers on site, for example, and developers off site. We’re flexible, because we know projects are too.

Agile Information Management Resourcing

Our people are your people

Actually our people are our people, but that’s for your benefit.

Rather than bringing in contractors, we like to use our own staff on your projects, so we know they’ll work the way we – and you – want them to.
Their style of working and method of reporting will be consistent. Their professionalism and high standards will go without saying.

We know they’ll be reliable. And we know they’ll deliver.

They’ll also be versatile.

So if throughout the project you need developers and testers, you’ll have them. But if you only need subject matter specialists to get involved occasionally, they’ll know when they’re not wanted. And you’ll know you’re not paying for them

The bottom line

We’re as flexible in terms of engagement, pricing and payment as we are on everything else. But we never compromise on quality.

You may have a short-term intervention project which needs a handful of people for a few days. You may have a long-term enterprise-level transformation programme which will need several teams working simultaneously for a number of months. Or you may have something in-between which needs to develop as you do.

Don’t worry. We can cope and we can help you to cope too.

Here are some of the ways we do it:
  • working on an individual assignment under your direction
  • working on a specific brief with a defined scope of delivery, responding to your management, and operating to defined SLAs and a fixed cost
  • working in partnership, deploying the number of people you specify, to achieve an outcome you define, and reporting at intervals set by you (bi-weekly, six monthly etc.).

Whichever approach you prefer, the AIM framework that we work inside will always enable us to track our progress and check we are delivering to plan. And, for larger engagements we always assign a Customer Success Manager to monitor our progress, and to ensure that your desired outcomes are being realised.

We’ll never just put people in your business. We’ll put our heart and soul into it too.