AIM Delivery

The greatest customer value, in the shortest possible time

AIM Delivery

We believe the traditional tired old waterfall methodology leaves you, the client, treading water while you wait to see results. So we use agile methods instead

AIM (Agile Information Management) Delivery gets you more involved and gets you results more quickly.

Your Project Owner will be your representative on our team, so you’re always aware of what’s happening. We’ll also update you every two weeks by showing you the code that’s been produced to date.

But we’re not just agile. We’re flexible too

We’re happy to make your existing environment as agile as possible – tailoring the AIM Delivery approach to suit your current processes, products and people.
If you’re just getting going, we can make you agile from the get-go.

Or if you’re already using agile methods but not realising their full potential, we can take what you’ve got and make it give you what you want.
use its own data to drive the business?

Agile Information Management Delivery

How do we do all this?

With some of our own tools, which we’ve built specially to enhance the process. With AIM Accelerators, which reduce project timescales and costs without cutting corners. And with years of experience in agile methodology and on-time, on-budget delivery.

All to help you make a smooth transition to BAU A.S.A.P.