AIM Accelerators

So much work. So little time.

AIM Accelerators

You have a lot to get done with your data. You want to do it as quickly as possible. That’s why you need AIM Accelerators

AIM (Agile Information Management) Accelerators from Agile Solutions dramatically reduce the time required for code generation and testing.

That means you can get more done. More quickly. More cheaply. And – through reliable automation you can trust – more consistently.

AGB Automate

Generating large volumes of code by hand is slow, and risky. Human hands make human errors – especially on repetitive tasks.
For large quantities of straightforward coding, AGB Automate can save you vast amounts of time, effort and cost.

For example, a large data consultancy estimated a data migration task as requiring 400 man-days. Using Agile Solutions AGB Automate it was completed by one person in less than two weeks – error-free.

AGB Test

Comparing data sets from different data sources is the key to regression testing. Any unexpected differences revealed can then be justified or analysed to ensure the systems are running as required.

Agile Solutions’ AGB Test automates the process for maximum accuracy in the minimum time.

Agile Information Management Accelerators

AIM templates and automation

Although not AIM Accelerator tools, AIM Templates and Automation also accelerate basic development.

Using templates for recurring tasks, and automation to handle repetitive tasks, not only speeds-up processes but also releases skilled resources for more productive development operations.

Accelerators ahead

Developing new AIM Accelerators to enhance development efficiency and reduce your costs is an ongoing process for Agile Solutions.

AIM Accelerators currently at the planning stage are:

  • AGB Command Line – a modern, highly-effective UI
  • Automated Data Analysis – profiles and scorecards undocumented associations in data
  • Automated Data Migration – converts data from one technology into another