AIM Framework

Agile Information Management (AIM)

Successful businesses that are proven to outcompete their competitors are driven by data. It informs them, fuels them and makes them leaders. Less successful businesses are swamped by data. It confuses them, holds them back and makes them the leaders’ lunch.

The key to using your data to help you achieve your business objectives is using the right method to organise it, analyse it and act on it.
The Agile Information Management (AIM) Framework is the basis of that method.

Skills are not a commodity

IT and data skills that cost less are usually worth less.

Outsource your requirements offshore and you may pay less for the people involved. But that’s because the people will be less skilled or less effective in delivering.

Agile Solutions focusses on finding people to implement your AIM Framework who are highly skilled and consistently developing to be amongst the most versatile, effective and business-facing professionals in the UK.

Agile Information Management Evaluation Framework

Bringing it all together

The AIM (Agile Information Management) Framework is dramatically different from traditional waterfall delivery.
It uses the same methods leading businesses use, to help you:

  • react faster
  • adapt better
  • scale more effectively
  • deliver the business outcomes you and your stakeholders are looking for.

Agility. Accelerators. Automation. Machine learning. Highly skilled data specialists. They’re all essential components of a more efficient, more cost-effective way of managing, leveraging and monetising your business data.

And only Agile Solutions has brought them all together successfully in one framework: the AIM Framework.