More data, more challenges, more solutions

The telecoms industry sector processes more data than any other in the world. Which means more challenges for your data analysis.

High-volume data processing demands high levels of relevant expertise, and carefully chosen technology, to help you:

  • analyze customer sentiment
  • reduce customer churn
  • increase your share of the customer wallet
  • reduce operating costs.

With the most efficient architecture in place, you can expect to see significant benefits from:

Customer Analytics – reducing customer churn in a competitive marketplace

Over-the-top Services Analytics – understanding which over-the-top services are driving retention and value

Call Detail Integration – exposing the full business value of your call detail records

Call Detail Archiving – managing the costs of high-volume Call Detail Records, through safe but accessible archiving of inactive records.

The Agile approach

We offer a winning combination for your telecoms business:

  • access to the latest technology in
    • massive parallel processing
    •  data integration
    • data visualization
    •  data virtualization
  • a trusted framework to help you organize, analyze and act on your data
  • proven agile delivery capability to reduce operating costs and increase profit margins.

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