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The more you know about your customers, the more you can be sure of meeting – or even foreseeing – their needs. Like most retailers, you already have the data, but what you may lack is the technology and data expertise to make the best use of it.

Retail data is often distributed across legacy and digital platforms, making it impossible to see the bigger picture. It can also be of poor quality, which makes it harder to make well-informed business decisions.

However, once you are able to utilize the technology and expertise to unlock its value through Business Intelligence and analytics, you can use it to enable:

The Agile approach

Combining extensive retail experience with technology expertise and a data focus, Agile Solutions begins by ensuring your data is:

  • made easily accessible
  • cleansed
  • consolidated.

Once it’s fully available and intelligible, using the AIM delivery framework, we can help you to achieve solutions that can offer a wide range of business benefits. Proven results for major UK retailers include:

  • supply chain optimization
  • improved product availability
  • greater price competitiveness
  • data monetization
  • faster enablement of new business capabilities (e.g. price optimization and personalized marketing campaigns).

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