Realizing your data potential 

Your Local Authority is at the center of a web of potentially valuable information. The vast quantities of data available to you cover areas from waste collection to council tax collection, and procurement to planning applications. 

Unfortunately, much of the data available is:

  • from disparate sources, and siloed
  • confused
  • hard to analyze
  • personal and sensitive.

Making this data accessible and readily comprehensible, whilst maintaining its security and confidentiality, could help you to:

  • reduce your costs
  • improve your services
  • allocate resources more effectively
  • gain insight into the causes of, and solutions to, costly social problems.

The Agile approach

Working closely with your team, and using highly scalable technology to meet your growing needs, our aim is to help you:

  • structure your data more effectively
  • optimize its security
  • achieve a single point of view to enable alignment of functions for greater cost-effectiveness.

With suitable technology and effective processes in place, you will be able to fully realize the potential of your data, and begin to move towards:

Open data

Greater transparency, and closer engagement with residents and communities, can optimize the development of solutions to public and social problems. It can also drive local economic growth.

Smart places

Data from sensors and Internet of Things technologies can provide valuable information to enable – for example – improved traffic management, air pollution monitoring, and more efficient use of infrastructure such as street lights. The data can also drive a citizen-centric approach, with resources allocated to reflect how and where people live, work, and interact with their environment.

Data warehousing

Combining data sets from across local government and the wider local public sector can enable deeper population-level analysis. This produces a more comprehensive picture of service users, and helps to drive working partnerships across public services.

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