Making data deliver for citizens

From controlling borders to identifying and protecting the most vulnerable in society, data plays an essential role. Gathering, analyzing, managing and securing that data is a major challenge for Government.

The business of governing is in many ways like any other business. So the major issues faced when attempting to optimize data use are also similar:

  • Data silos
    • with a wide and diverse range of responsibilities even within a single government department, data tends to be siloed rather than shared, potentially leading to inefficiencies
  • Data duplication
    • siloing of data leads to massive duplication, which can have cost and efficiency repercussions.

The Agile approach

Working closely with your team, Agile Solutions can apply extensive knowledge of data collection, analytics and management – acquired both in business and with a major government department – to:

  • analyze and rationalize your department’s data estate
  • create a single platform
  • deliver a single version of the truth
  • reduce costs
  • optimize efficiency in serving the needs of citizens
  • deliver significant savings to the public purse.

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