Improving productivity beyond the production line

Optimizing productivity and gaining a competitive edge is no longer simply about manufacturing better products.  

Manufacturers are finding themselves held back by a number of factors, including:

  • increased regulation
  • outdated IT systems
  • data with untapped potential.

Finding the most effective technology solutions to overcome these challenges can ensure you not only optimize your efficiency, but also take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0.

The Agile approach

Working closely with your team, Agile Solutions can help you to:

  • Track sources and manage your supply chain

Product safety regulations, Health and Safety regulations and export controls all carry the risk of substantial fines if they are breached, even accidentally. If most manufacturing data within your organization is stored in silos, ensuring you meet all regulatory requirements across all areas can be difficult.

Agile Solutions’ Product Master Data Management solution will provide a single view of parts, which will allow you to track all sources, manage your supply chain, and reduce the risk of regulatory breaches.

  • Integrate and modernize your systems

Migrating from legacy and home-grown systems which hold essential product and process information is a major step. But it’s an essential one if you want to take advantage of the latest applications to improve production quality and efficiency.

Data Integration, Master Data Management and Platform Modernization solutions from Agile Solutions can help you to keep what you need to move forward, and lose what’s holding you back.

  • Make better, data-led decisions

The Internet of Things and smart technology are generating large volumes of data, with huge potential for real-time analytics. This can help to increase efficiency, flexibility and productivity.

With a combination of the technologies and capabilities outlined above, Agile Solutions can help you to make better business decisions, based on data, not intuition.

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