Fighting for competitive advantage

In the highly competitive, highly regulated Defense sector, effective data management and data governance are crucial to business success, security and compliance.

Many defense manufacturing companies currently face challenges which reduce their competitiveness, efficiency and profitability. These include:

  • Increasing data volumes from global, multi-tier supply chains
  • poor supply chain management
  • lack of cohesive processes for:
  • inefficient product origin tracking
  • compliance demands
  • IT skills shortages.

The Agile approach

As specialists in data, we can work closely with your team to develop technology, systems and processes that will enable you to:

Manage your data

Master Data Management and platform modernization solutions will help you to keep control of ever-increasing quantities of data, to ensure they are available, accessible, understandable and secure.

Understand your data

International trade regulations require an understanding of where products come from, and import and export processes demand strict compliance. Master Data Management and data governance solutions will provide the data visibility, understanding and control you need to avoid the risk of failing to comply with, or of breaching, regulations.

Optimize your business efficiency

Operational efficiencies are the single biggest factor in generating increased profits in this highly competitive industry. Optimizing supply chain operations, and generating a single source of truth using Master Data Management and single customer view solutions, are critical steps to take.

Create a competitive advantage

With a talent pool limited by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), the availability of experienced, expert resources to deliver specific technologies can create a strong competitive advantage. We can provide specialist security-cleared consultants, together with Resource as a Service solutions.

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