The Intelligent Data Hub, only from Semarchy

The Semarchy Team set out in 2011 to solve for what they saw as the biggest gap in the Enterprise Information Management space – a single application to solve for Master Data Management (MDM), Reference Data Management (RDM), data governance, data quality/enrichment and information workflows in parallel. Today, their agile xDM software is in use at organisations all over the world, where 80% of their clients have a fully-functional solution in less than 10 weeks.

xDM Turns Business Users into Data Champions

To the business user, xDM is bold, graphical, intentional, and self-explanatory. It brings enterprise data applications to any device and makes data authoring tasks unbelievably productive. Leveraging smart algorithms with artificial intelligence and machine learning, xDM helps to automate routine functions and empower even non-technical users to curate, steward and manage data. xDM demystifies the complexity of relationships using graph analytics–thereby delivering train-of-thought exploration of data.

xDM is a single platform that enables both data governance policy definition and enforcement, streamlining the integration of complex systems with an intuitive, material design interface. xDM is agile, rules-driven, and scales up to hundreds of millions of records. It helps data architects design or import logical data models, declare and test rules, define forms and workflows, and deploy and iterate quickly.

Agile and Semarchy at BAE Systems

Agile Solutions and Semarchy have partnered to bring the Intelligent Data Hub to life at organisations across the UK, including BAE Systems. BAE looked to xDM to provide an enterprise data hub for risk management and export control regulations. The hub empowers thousands of non-technical users across the business to curate and steward data, with enterprise-centric consistency. Agile helped to build this foundational capability that is vital to the Military Air & Information business at BAE.

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BAE Systems relies on xDM from Semarchy to master critical business data and enable data champions throughout the enterprise