Turn Business Users into Data Champions

To the business user, xDM is bold, graphical, intentional, and self-explanatory. It brings enterprise master data applications to any device and makes data authoring tasks unbelievably productive. With its smart algorithms, xDM adapts to your function and to your role and empowers you to become an intelligent data producer. xDM demystifies the complexity of relationships using Graph navigation.

xDM empowers data champions with SemQL and crosses the chasm between business and IT.  It seamlessly integrates with on-premises and cloud applications and exposes advanced metrics to facilitate data discovery. With its advanced workflows, xDM enables intelligent data governance and helps data champions certify the enterprise’s data for optimal compliance with policies.

xDM is agile, rules-driven, and scales up to hundreds of millions of records. It helps data architects design or import logical data models, declare and test rules, define forms and workflows, and deploy and iterate quickly. It welcomes changing business requirements to serve an efficient data governance. xDM supports the strictest policy enforcement patterns and integrates seamlessly through its complete REST APIs.

Intelligent MDM from Semarchy – up and running in under 10 weeks

Intelligent MDM from Semarchy enables semantic consistency in an enterprise-centric fashion. Its agile design goes beyond conventional ‘golden record’ tools, focusing on empowering and organising the data stewardship function to provide trusted master data across any domain.

Semarchy xDM implementations start with business processes, include information governance from the ground-up, and concentrate on delivering measurable ROI to the business in weeks. In fact, 80% of our clients have a fully-functional MDM/DG solution up and running in 10 weeks.

BAE Systems relies on xDM from Semarchy to master critical business data and enable data champions throughout the enterprise