SAS – Why Finance Executives Need Better Tools for Data Visualisation

‘Today, I think a CFO needs to be more of an operating CFO: someone who’s using the financial data and the data of the company to help drive strategy, the allocation of capital, and the management of risks.’
Anthony Noto, COO of Twitter.

At Agile Solutions we can help you get insight into your data. Don’t feel you need an army of IT resources or outside contractors to become data-savvy. You probably have the skills within your IT department. It is just a question of transforming IT into the go-to department for company-wide analytics. Using SAS analytics and Agile Solutions’ expertise, we can bring financial and operational insight to any-sized enterprise.

By applying analytics to your Finance department, you can discover the real-time financial health of the business. Analytics can show you where to spend, where to cut back and what direction your business should be taking.

SAS Silver Partnership

As a SAS Silver Partner, Agile Solutions can demonstrate how your company can benefit from SAS analytics. As with all things, it is not the quantity of data that matters; it’s the insights you find within it that can be a game-changer. To find out more, read our white paper Why Finance Executives Need Better Tools for data Visualisation by completing the form in the sidebar Downloading the PDF.