It’s a silver partnership for Agile Solutions and SAS

Agility and focus allows smaller companies to punch above their weight.

Agile Solutions is awarded Silver Partnership status with SAS. The SAS Alliance is a network of strategic partnerships that creates new avenues for delivering and implementing SAS solutions. Agile Solutions is ideally positioned across the UK to provide SAS solutions to digitally-challenged companies.

Digital assets are becoming a larger part of business. But it is a challenge keeping up with the amount of data and variety of platforms generating it. Agile Solutions specialises in helping companies get control of their data, ensure it is safe and plan for all types of data eventuality. With GDPR just around the corner, this is becoming a pressing problem.

Agile Solutions GB: Agile Solutions is based in Glasgow and Milton Keynes. It provides information management applications, technology and support services across the UK. This independent UK company is passionate about using the agile methodologies and automation to help clients manage their data and enable Agile Solutions to out-compete much larger Systems Integrators.