Informatica focuses on the delivery of transformative innovation to future-proof your data.

Businesses worldwide choose Informatica to fully leverage their data assets due to their versatility that aids in driving success.  With a range of products and solutions across multiple sectors the Informatica toolset can solve even the most complex of data challenges and unleash the true potential of the data you hold.

Informatica Solutions can guide you through the new generational market disruption of Data 3.0 – Accelerating Digital Transformation.

Agile Solutions GB are an accredited Informatica Partner and are specialists in the deployment of Informatica solutions with over 15 years cross sector experience in data management and integration.  Equipped with expertise, our unique Agile Information Management (AIM) framework allows us to deliver consistent results to clients providing measurable return on investment with the provision of techniques for ongoing data management success.

Our range of services and expert advice includes:

  • Informatica Data Governance Roadmap
  • Informatica Data Governance Assessment
  • Informatica for AIM
  • Data Migration Assessment
  • Applied Agile delivered migration utilising Informatica
  • Implementation of Agile methods in your organisation on a live project by engaging the experts

To find out more about our partnership with Informatica, contact us