How GDPR aware is your organisation?

Getting ready for GDPR can feel overwhelming. The temptation to bury your head in the sand had probably never had such appeal. But as May 2018 draws closer, now is the time to take action! We’ve identified the first three crucial steps on your journey to GDPR readiness :

  1. Step One is raising GDPR awareness and gauging where you are on the journey.
  2. Step Two is assessing its impact on different business areas and creating a program roadmap.
  3. Step Three is making sure your technology is fit for purpose.

To help you get started, we are offering you two FREE workshops.

  1. Workshop 1 (one hour) is a high level presentation to C-level
  2. Workshop 2 (two hours) is for high level business area management

Our workshops are run by Agile Solutions’ Customer Success Manager, Mary Drabble. Mary is a highly motivated and enthusiastic Enterprise Data Management Professional and MDM Consultant with a proven track record in Master Data Management, Data Governance and Data Quality tools, methodologies, architectures and processes. She is IBITGQ certified in GDPR F.

Download our ebook which explains the first three steps to take on your GDPR journey. It takes you through each step individually outlining how you can raise GDPR awareness for your business, create a program roadmap and address technology architecture.

gdpr ebook