Analytics for the Office of Finance

Unlocking value, cutting costs and improving efficiency

IBM Analytics solutions deliver real-time reporting and strategic insights while reducing the costs and risks associated with spreadsheet-based planning, forecasting and reporting.  We give you:

• Seamless and efficient planning, forecasting and reporting
• Advanced analytics to unlock new value
• Insights and resources to inform your transition
• Expert partners to support you at every stage
• Our expert support at every stage
• Maximum flexibility to simplify adoption

The price you pay for spreadsheet dependency

The need to crunch more data, involve more stakeholders and quickly extract insights that drive decisions means that today’s finance and planning processes have outgrown the capabilities of the spreadsheet.

The top five costs of spreadsheet dependency:
1. High error frequency
Studies have indicated that 90% of mission-critical spreadsheets contain errors, and 30% of attempts at fixing these errors result in further errors.

2. Resource depletion
Spreadsheet-based planning and forecasting processes rely on manual data entry, consolidation and manipulation – a major resource overhead.

3. Reaction time deceleration
Spreadsheet-based processes cannot deliver information and insights at the speed that businesses require, affecting internal and external stakeholders.

4. Collaboration constraints
The error frequency and deployment difficulties of spreadsheet-based planning create a centralised process that restricts collaboration.

5. Missed opportunitiesAvnet&IBM_Analytics_Website_Banner-small_v2
The value of data trapped in large, complex spreadsheets remains untapped and opportunities to drive improved business performance are missed.

To find out more about the true cost of spreadsheet dependency download our Infographic.  

The added value of smart analytics

To stay competitive in today’s insight-hungry, data-driven world, firms need to take advantage of increasingly affordable and accessible analytics tools to implement smarter, faster and more efficient finance processes.

By adopting smarter analytics, finance functions can raise their profile and increase their strategic value within businesses. These tools enable finance teams to:

• Reveal hidden insights that unlock greater business value – uncovering new revenue streams, identifying risks and eliminating inefficienciesAvnet&IBM_Analytics_Website_Banner-small_v25
• Improve the accuracy of planning, forecasting and reporting information – delivering the information businesses need to make the right decisions
• Enhance collaboration across the organisation – enabling more stakeholders to participate in decisions based on a single view of the truth

Download our Whitepaper to find out how you can mitigate hazards while maximising the value of Excel with IBM Analytics.

Why IBM Analytics for the Office of Finance?

For any finance function wanting to transform its approach to planning, forecasting, reporting and analytics, IBM Analytics delivers everything you need:

• Market-leader in Big Data & Analytics
• Long-term commitment to the finance profession
• Track record of investment in innovation
• A secure and trusted brand

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