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Integrated Analytics – fastest time-to-value and lowest TCO

More data brings more opportunities as well as more challenges. The IBM Integrated Analytics System – supported by Agile Solutions’ services – will help you to use data more effectively, and faster, to make better business decisions.

AI, the IoT, cloud computing and Big Data are increasing levels of data coming in. This means you can face increased:

  • complexity
  • operational inefficiencies
  • costs.

The solution is to accelerate your data handling with an integrated analytics system designed for:

Integrating hardware, software and storage, the IBM Integrated Analytics System represents the future of business intelligence.

The Agile approach

Combine IBM's Integrated Analytics System with Agile Solutions’ services, and you can expect a more flexible, more productive data warehousing solution

It offers the industry’s fastest time-to-value and lowest TCO, incorporating:

  • rapid agile delivery
  • a single line of support
  • integration automation
  • integrated system fixes and upgrades
  • minimal ongoing maintenance.

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