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Cloud Platform for scale and reliability

Using the same core infrastructure as Google’s own end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube, Google Cloud Platform is a secure, global, high-performance, cost-effective and constantly improving cloud solution.

Agile Solutions leverages a range of Google Cloud products to help enterprises achieve optimum data-processing performance. These include:

  • Cloud Storage – data storage architecture with integrated edge caching to store unstructured data
  • Dataproc – big data platform for running Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark jobs
  • Dataflow – Managed Service for stream and batch data processing
  • BigQuery – scalable, managed, enterprise data warehouse for analytics.

On-demand pricing and per-minute billing help to ensure real value for money, while reliable scalability means the Google Cloud Platform will always meet your data volume requirements.

The Agile approach

Many cloud platforms offer virtually infinite computing capacity, which can prove more of a disadvantage than an advantage when moving to the cloud.

Working closely with your team, Agile Solutions will ensure you leverage only those solutions most appropriate to your:

  • use case
  • desired business lead times
  • data volumes.

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