Is Offshoring IT a signal
to the markets to sell?

At the beginning of the year, one of the UK’s biggest retailers announced they would be outsourcing over half of its IT team to a large global offshore services company. But what does this mean for their current state of IT affairs?

In todays market technology companies carry very high values, investors are always looking for the new disruptor that could be the next tech giant. So when IT and Tech are seen as merely an operating cost which needs to be shipped off to a low cost provider, does this betray a lack of vision or knowing how to use IT and tech to increase a companies performance? If this is the case any sensible investor should think twice before buying a stake. After all, an organisation that doesn’t realise the importance of technology, and doesn’t know how to cope with keeping up with and ahead of disruption, is surely doomed in this day and age.

Sure, we will get the old argument of we will do more with less cost, but offshoring your IT problems may seem like a quick and painless solution compared but the cons quickly outweigh the pros.

Where is the proof that offshoring works and more so, how does a low cost people solution relate to technology? AI, machine learning and most specifically better security are the true answers to efficiency and reduced business risk? How can businesses be sure their data is safe and secure while being transmitted across the globe to larger teams of low cost resource? The short answer is they can’t, and with data security becoming a more pressing issue in 2018, thanks to the introduction of GDPR, this isn’t a risk you want your business to take.

Organisations need to look in the direction of a modernised and efficient IT platform to solve their business problems, instead of looking for the lowest cost offering. Enter the Agile Information Management (AIM) Framework an approach focused on value. The AIM Framework was designed to allow organisations to react faster, adapt better, scale more effectively and deliver crucial business outcomes while managing, leveraging and monetising business data in a safe and secure environment.

Only Agile Solutions has brought agility, accelerators and automation together to deliver a modern and efficient IT platform that doesn’t require your data being sent halfway across the globe.

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