October Highlights

Welcome to our October Highlights, which outlines the latest news, articles and data management insights from Agile Solutions.

Microsoft Azure Webinar, Episode 2 

In the second instalment of our Microsoft Azure webinar series, Agile Solutions experts demonstrated how Microsoft Customer Insights and Azure Purview can accelerate your organizations’ data and analytics journey. This built on details shared in Episode 1 of the series which focused on successful strategies for making the move to Microsoft Azure. If you are thinking of making the move, but would like to undertake some further research, we have a host of resources available at your disposal to find out more. These include why now is the right time to make the move to a Cloud Data Lakehouse, and the advantages you will gain from this. Don’t let the world of data and analytics leave you behind. Catch up on all the things you may have missed: -

Episode 1   |   Whitepaper   |    Blog 1   |   Blog 2

Partner Announcements

Things are busy on the partner front here at Agile Solutions with changes in status for Snowflake, AWS and Microsoft. We are thrilled to achieve Select Tier Services Partner Status with Snowflake, which reflects the expertise and investment we have made in helping our clients migrate or implement Snowflake’s platform. We are also delighted to achieve Select Consulting Partner Status with AWS, which reflects the expertise and investment we have made in deploying these cloud-native technology solutions. Finally, we are pleased to announce we gained Gold Partner Status for Data Analytics with Microsoft. This accreditation highlights our technical achievements in the formation of data transformations, the creation of intelligent business solutions, together with visualizing and modelling data to aid our clients to gain deeper insights from their data. We are proud to provide this assurance and expertise to both new and existing clients.

Data Governance Whitepaper

Data Governance Whitepaper

Do you know Agile Data Governance provides the raw material for analytics and data-driven strategy? Check out our new Data Governance Whitepaper to find out more. Written by Agile Solutions experts we take a deep dive into why analytics initiatives fail. The paper covers the following: -

• 5 pillars of Data Governance
• How to embed agility into your governance structure
• Identify where you are in Data Governance journey.

Data is essential to commercial success and without clear governance data can be meaningless to your organization. Accurate, high-quality data is needed for positive business benefits and outcomes. Ensure this for your organization by downloading our Whitepaper.