MDM – Seconds out, round two

How to Master MDM – Lessons Learned #2

Getting down to business

Establishing a good MDM business case from the outset is essential to the success of your program. Getting the buy-in from stakeholders and sponsors is important but inevitably they will come and go over the period of the program, but a strong ROI justification will withstand anything that’s thrown at it. Quantifying and agreeing benefits can be hard, but if you are facing challenges and push-back from stakeholders, consider calculating the cost of poor quality in terms of “cost avoidance” rather than outright cost saving from MDM.

And talking of avoidance, don’t make your argument for MDM technology-based as you will lose the interest of your key sponsors; the senior executives and managers who will fund the exercise. IT will have their say later and get to appropriate those hard-won funds.

Here’s some real-world examples:

Refining the benefits
The ROI on a multi-domain enterprise wide MDM program for a multinational Oil & Gas company was in excess of 4 figures, when expressed as a percentage. The CFO requested that we communicated a much smaller 3 figure number as he felt no one would believe the former calculation.

A bitter pill
While consulting for a Global Pharmaceutical, helping them to collect their business requirements for MDM, it became apparent that there was a complete misalignment between the business and IT objectives – to the extent that my team and I were asked to leave the room whilst the IT and business leads had a stand up argument about the direction and who was paying for what.

If you want to avoid any infighting and feel you need help building your business case then Agile Solutions know MDM inside out, back to front, and upside down – which is handy because that’s the way data is often presented. You can trust us, not only to configure your software, but to set up your program for success and always be there to support the change management required to implement an effective data governance organisation.

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