MDM - Ok, who's responsible?

How to Master MDM - Lessons Learned #3

Governance is key

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. It’s inevitable that implementing a Master Data Management program and everything that goes with it will result in organisational change. Roles and responsibilities should be formally defined in the form of a Governance RACI. Starting with an assessment of current maturity alongside aspirational goals, a change management plan can be implemented.

Of course, your organisation has well defined data steward roles and agreed data quality standards, staffed by error-free individuals, you won’t ever need to invest in any MDM technology to formalise the data management process – and pigs might fly.

Here’s a real-world example:

Jean’s got it covered
I was once at a small chemicals refinery preparing for the rollout of MDM and was told that “we don’t have any data quality problems with our supplier data because Jean manages that and has been doing so for the past 20 years” – well that’s all fine until Jean gets knocked down by a bus!

In my last blog I talked about how important it was to make sure your MDM program was business led, and for that reason you should assign some key personnel from that side onto the IT component of the delivery project. Remember, it’s the people most impacted by data issues that make the best data stewards and for that matter, internal cheerleaders.

Involve your data stewards in the design of the workflows and delivery. Trust me, there are operational efficiencies in this model – the amount of UAT/training required is much reduced as your data stewards revert to becoming part of the standing organisation at project completion. Plus, if you are doing an incremental roll out, your change management board is already in place to evaluate any change requests to the ‘global’ templates.

If you feel you want to share some responsibility why not call in Agile Solutions? We know MDM inside out, back to front, and upside down – which is handy because that’s the way data is often presented. You can trust us, not only to configure your software, but to set up your program for success and always be there to support the change management required to implement an effective data governance organisation.

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