Data doesn't have to be difficult

Accelerate data projects to deliver value first time, every time

Growing businesses need to overcome data problems every day. Businesses like yours can now accelerate the toughest data projects with easy to use and scalable cloud data management for fast, accurate decision making – with a demonstrable return on investment.

Can you produce reliable, up-to-date reports?

Integrate your data

Scale up, get to market faster, and keep costs low with easy-to-use data integration and automated no-code tools. Working with Agile Solutions and utilizing the highly flexible and low cost Informatica platform we can make it simple to automate and validate data.

With app sprawl and point solutions creating data silo’s in organisations, Informatica’s Cloud Data Integration Tool allows you to efficiently and effectively integrate your data to ensure you have the ability to access and use it when and where you need it. With verified, integrated, and better quality data, reporting will be robust. The better the data quality, the better the decision making. Why not contact us today for an informal discussion or a demo.

How fast can you react to new analytical demands?

Manage Your Data

Go big or start small. As your data requirements change, Informatica’s data solutions evolve along with you.

If you are spending time manually copying data between systems it may be time to rethink your data management strategy. One of the many benefits of the Informatica platform is that it easily provides a 360-degree view of each customer’s journey, helping you turn your knowledge of customers into a competitive advantage.

To discover the whole suite of products within Informatica's Intelligent Data Management Cloud. Contact us today and and a member of our team can provide expert advice and a walk through of the product.

Informatica's Cloud Data Management Suite includes:

  • Cloud Data Integration
  • Cloud Data Quality
  • Cloud Data Integration – Elastic
  • Cloud Integration Hub
  • Cloud B2B
  • Advanced Serverless
  • Cloud Mass Ingestion
  • Cloud Application and Integration & API

With the implementation of Informatica's product and platform you will have access to all of the above and only pay for what you use.

How much do you trust your company data?

Trust your data

From strategic decision making to ensuring you have enough stock on your shelves, the importance of good quality and correct data has never been more important.

Informatica’s data quality tooling allows you to create simple, manageable, no-code solutions to ensure you can remain effective and have the right foundations in place.

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